Deer in the field


Plenty of wildlife can be spotted from the windows of the gîte and when driving, walking or cycling through the countryside. There are deer, hares, red squirrels and wild boar. Lizards sun themselves on the walls, whilst butterflies fly around adding a splash of colour. Dragonflies and bats dart about at dusk, and owls can be heard as they hunt in the evenings. Birds that have been spotted include woodpeckers, hoopoes, cranes, eagle owl, little owl, marsh harrier and turtle doves.

La Brenne

Just beyond the town of Le Blanc is the Brenne natural park, a haven for those who are interested in nature. This unspoilt area (183,000 hectares) contains a variety of different habitats which are ideal for a wide range of birds, butterflies, tortoises and plants. With public hides and special guided tours throughout the year, there is a good chance of spotting some interesting and rare species.

Saint Cyr bird reserve

The small Saint Cyr Bird Reserve is on the same site as the Saint Cyr lake. It consists of 2 routes (one accompanied and one unaccompanied) each with observatories and information signs.